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PHR exam dates (2016)

HRCI have released the PHR exam dates for 2016.   Exams Dates:Open Registration: May 1, 2016 – July 31, 2016Oct. 17, 2015 – Mar. 31,2016Nov.1, 2016 – Jan. 31, 2017Apr. 1, 2016 – Sept. 30, 2016 More info here

PHR certification requirements 2014

PHR certification requirements 2014

The PHR certification test and testing material exhibit slight variations year after year. However, the 2014 PHR certification requirements are not subject to much change—they were the same in 2013 and years prior. The PHR certification requirements are based off of both work experience and education level. First and most importantly, the PHR requires test […]

The PHR Certification Practice Test: A complete Review

The PHR Certification Practice Test: A complete Review

The PHR certification test is the last item of business for those aiming to become a certified Professional in Human Resources. Those eligible to take the test most likely have all the knowledge they need to pass (due to education and job requirements). However, tests are hard and sometimes unpredictable anxiety-producing monsters. One can simply […]

5 Tips to Get a PHR Certification

5 Tips to Get a PHR Certification

Many individuals who start a career within the field of human resources eventually end up advancing their career with a Professional Human Resources Certificate Program, also known as, PHR Certification. When a professional completes The PHR Certification, it shows a level of advanced skills with the HR career field. The HR professional not only has […]

Dates and fees for the 2013 PHR certification exams

Here are the dates and fees for the 2013 PHR certification exams Winter: Dec. 1 – Jan. 31 (Applications are accepted between July 15 and Oct. 4) (Late applications (+$75.00 fee) are accepted fron Oct. 5 to Nov.8) Price $400 SHRM members Price: $350 Details can be found on the HRCI website

PHR or SPHR certification

The Development of Human Resources Human Resources has become an imperative part of any functioning corporation. By working within the system and getting your PHR or SPHR certification you can better set yourself up for a long and happy career. Whether you stay at one company the entire time or you move from place to […]

PHR Certification requirements 2013

Every company needs to hire the best of candidates available in the market, helping its qualitative structuring and its positive growth. Thus human resource management is the skill adopted for recruiting versatile candidates, managing them, maintaining track record and provides direction for employees to work in the organization. What are the phr certification requirements in 2013? […]

PHR certification in Chicago

Upgrading your knowledge and staying up to the mark with the moving pace of advancements in your field is extremely essential for the career growth of an individual and also for that of the organization a human resource manager works for. Any certification acknowledged by professional group grants recognition for having met a stated level […]

How do you get A PHR Certification?

The job market is fierce and competitive and earning a new position, or earning the security of the position that you are currently in, is becoming harder each day. If you want to make yourself invaluable to your current employer or are looking to find a position with a different one, it is all about […]

What actually is phr certification?

Are you currently looking to change careers or looking for a certification that can give you a stable future? If so you may look in to what is a phr certification and what it can offer you. This certification is a career long commitment that shows your coworkers, your organization and peers that you have […]