SPHR Certification : The Essential Guide

SPHR Certification : The Essential Guide

HR management specialists need the  SPHR Certification (Senior Professional in Human Resources certification) as a relevant qualification. Professionally, it is a highly coveted titled, for the advantages it creates. It shows that a professional has mastered the different aspects of the HR department work and can see a business within the bigger picture.

The SPHR exam is computer based and can only be taken by individuals with a certain educational history and work experience. They need to make proof of strategic knowledge and skills and mastery of many HR tasks. Below we are going to discuss the certification and everything it means and requires, should you wish to make progress in your career and take the right decision.

Is the SPHR certification Worth It?

You will be investing money and time in this certification. Could you do something better with these resources? Assess your needs and your current/desired career level.

While not all CEOs are aware of the certification and its meaning, at least some will know its value and what it stands for. In any case, the superior title will show that the candidate or employee has invested in their career and education. It shows willingness to go further and acquire more skills and that cannot go unnoticed. When shown on a resume, it certainly makes a good impression. In fact, when you don’t have it, you risk automatic disqualification because the systems scanning applicants are set to eliminate those who don’t have the SPHR on their resume. It may not be always fair, but this is how it happens.

Not only that you will have access to a wide range of jobs with the SPHR title, but you will also be paid more as you get one. Being a non-certified professional will get you stuck in a lower payment range. The difference could be as striking as an extra $20,000, depending on the location and the industry.

Eligibility Requirements

First of all, you must assess your current HR knowledge. There are special tests and quizzes for that. The SPHR is much more challenging than the PHR. Its level of complexity is far superior.

To take an exam, candidates must meet certain criteria:

  • At least 5 years of professional experience in a HR position with a Bachelor’s degree,


  • At least 4 years of experience as a HR professional with a Master’s degree


  • Should there be less than a Bachelor’s degree, 7 years of such experience.


Anyone with the minimum of experience required for their level of education is eligible to enter the exam. Individuals holding a college degree don’t need to have a HR specific degree.

As for the work experience, it is necessary to be at a professional level. Any people managers with a non-PR function are not eligible. HR assistant and clerks are also non eligible.

Learning and Preparation

Apart from being considered eligible, in-dept knowledge is essential to taking and passing the exam. Online, you will find reference manuals, programs and systems that help you study on your own and gain the needed knowledge. You will find video guides and tests besides the written content, plus many other learning tools. The instructor-led preparations are the most efficient. In addition, one may choose and customize the study plan as desired, to match their schedule and style.

Every such study program usually consists of several learning modules. Choose a program that focuses on teaching how to deal with real life situations and has applicable value.

The SPHR Certification Test

Credentials obtained through the HR Certification Institute are always held in high regard. Besides, each time one stumbles upon a job announcement, there is always the PHR or the SPHR certificate requirement. It seems impossible to advance without it. If you are eligible, go ahead and sign up for the exam. The application fee is $75 and the sphr exam fee is set at $475.

The certification is valid only for 3 years. To prolong it, one has to earn 60 re-certification credit hours during this period. This can be done for very reduced costs or even for fee.

With a new pay scale and many more job opportunities, one should manifest interest in the SPHR certificate. This will pave the way to a new status in the HR department.

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