The PHR Certification Practice Test: A complete Review

The PHR Certification Practice Test: A complete Review

The PHR certification test is the last item of business for those aiming to become a certified Professional in Human Resources. Those eligible to take the testphr certification practice test most likely have all the knowledge they need to pass (due to education and job requirements). However, tests are hard and sometimes unpredictable anxiety-producing monsters. One can simply leave their certification up to knowledge and luck, or one can increase their chances of passing through careful preparation and practice. There is no better way to prepare for the PHR certification test than working through the PHR/SPHR Professional in Human Resources Total Test Prep.

This test prep package includes a paperback study guide for the PHR certification test carefully assembled through analysis of the 2012 PHR/SPHR body of knowledge, as well as a CD including eTestPrep practice testing software. Both the book and the CD help others to hone their skills through providing in-depth and up to date information. Although the Total Test Prep relies off of information from 2012, it is still a viable and irreplaceable resource. After all, little changes in the PHR/SPHR world in two years. It will not become outdated until another few years pass. In fact, many readers are still claiming that they were able to pass the PHR certification test simply by reading and studying this review guide, and by completing the included PHR certification practice test.

The PHR certification test itself is divided into six sections and is 175 multiple choice questions (25 of which are unscored pre-test questions). Although the PHR test is straightforward, the test costs between $350 to 400 dollars each attempt. Needless to say, one will not want to retake this test, especially since someone that fails the test has to wait another six months to test again.

Total Test Prep takes into account the six PHR bodies of knowledge, as well as their respective importance. Workforce Planning and Employment is perhaps the most important accounting for 24 percent of the knowledge base. The other categories in the knowledge base are Employee and Labor Relations (20 percent of the knowledge base), Compensation and Benefits (19 percent), Human Resource Development (18 percent), Business Management and Strategy (11 percent), and Risk Management (a lowly 8 percent). Each area is given special requirements and knowledge goals. It is up to the test taker to ensure that his or her knowledge is up to date, as it is in the Total Test Prep’s PHR certification practice test.

The SPHR, just like the PHR, requires up to date knowledge. It shares its goals and requirements with the PHR’s goals and requirements. Again, the Total Test Prep keeps the SPHR information up to date to ensure that the test taker’s preparation is not a waste of time. Unlike the PHR, however, the body of knowledge is shifted a whole lot more towards Business Management and Strategy, now a 30 percent of the knowledge body. Risk Management is the lowest at 7 percent, while Employee and Labor Restrictions comes in at 14 percent, Compensation and Benefits at 13 percent, Human Resource Development at 19 percent, and Workforce Planning and Employment comes in at 17 percent.

This PHR and SPHR preparation guide and practice test bundle accounts for these differences. It recognizes that these separate tests are similar, but still need to be treated separately. It also recognizes that test preparation is more than taking a plethora of PHR certification practice tests and checking answers. Total Test Prep focuses on getting readers to understand the key concepts first, and then aids in their ability to apply these concepts to multiple choice questions. Other helpful features include the back of the book listing relevant Acts and Exclusive Orders organized by date, the CD having timed testing to get the user used to answering questions in a timely fashion, and electronic flashcards.

This is the perfect resource for those seriously aiming to pass either the PHR or SPHR test. At eighty dollars, both the book and the CD are among the least expensive of the review guides, yet among the most complete. Don’t pay hundreds attending special classes when the Total Review guide has everything from dates to a complete PHR practice certification test.

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