5 Tips to Get a PHR Certification

5 Tips to Get a PHR Certification

Many individuals who start a career within the field of human resources eventually end up advancing their phr certificationcareer with a Professional Human Resources Certificate Program, also known as, PHR Certification. When a professional completes The PHR Certification, it shows a level of advanced skills with the HR career field. The HR professional not only has knowledge on a theoretical level but also shows to be successful on the practical level as well. In the real world, this spells success in the business world.
Pursuing a PHR Certification is usually considered a personal achievement by the human resources employee. It shows dedication and success on to themselves that they have achieved another level in the HR job market that they had chosen as career path. Usually the choice of doing the PHR Certification program is due to wanting advancement in the workplace. Higher advancement in the workplace tends to place higher value upon the individual.

A Human Resources entry level job is attainable for someone with very little experience. The promise of advancement in that field is not so high without furthering your education. A lot of HR professionals hold Associate’s Degrees or Bachelor’s Degrees. In some companies, this is seen as enough education to give the promise of advancement within the human resource field.
In other instances, companies still believe that in order to fully understand the human resources field, you must go through the PHR Certification Program to be placed higher on the totem pole. It is always advisable to get as much education as possible to back up your job position; therefore, completing the PHR Certification Program would be best even if you are not looking for career advancement at this point in time.
The PHR Certification is given after a student meets the required mandates. The final, most important of these mandates is the PHR Certification examination. The PHR Certification examination is given by The Human Resource Certificate Institute, also known as, HRCI. The HRCI, along with The Society for Human Resource Management, also known as, SHRM, holds all say-so in the mandating and practicing of human resources in the U.S.
The PHR Certification Examination will take about four hours to complete. It has a total of 225 multiple choice questions that will cover the required basic functioning of human resources. In order to receive your PHR Certificate; a passing score must be achieved.
You must meet certain requisites prior to being able to enroll in the PHR Certification Program. You must be a current employee in human resources and have been working for at least 2 years as a salaried employee or an exempt employee.
In order for these requirements to be waived, you must either be currently enrolled in a HR Degree Program. An HR Degree student who has twelve months or less left before graduation may take the PHR Certificate Examination. In the instance that you receive a passing score on the PHR Certification Examination, you will be required to obtain twelve months of exempt-level human resource work experience within five years of passing the PHR Certification Exam or you will lose your certificate.

Those who achieved their degree within the past 12 months but do not have exempt HR work experience may also sit for the exam. However, in both cases, they are required to obtain the prerequisite 12 months of exempt-level HR work experience within five years after passing the test in order to maintain their certification.

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