Tips for getting Your SPHR Certification

Getting Your Certification

When you are happy at your job it might seem silly to stress yourself out over a test that no one requires you to take. The truth is that in the ever-changing world around you, the job you currently have could change or go away in a heartbeat. Getting your SPHR certification helps to make you a more desirable candidate for new jobs. At your current job it makes you better at what you do as well as offers more to the company and can be a good start towards getting the raise you deserve.

Are You Ready?

While all you technically need to sit for the SPHR certification exam is two years of professional human resources experience, there are skills you should have developed that will make the studying process easier. You should be able to identify problems and implement solutions. You need to be able to look at these activities and break them down in a way that shows you have the thought for examination and improvement. You need to be fully aware of and willing to work the basic human resources theory. This type of high-level functioning will make it easier for you to understand and answer the questions that are going to be asked of you. Most people do not sit for the exam after only two years, but wait for a bit more experience overall.

Spend Time on All Areas

When you go to sit for the certification it can be really easy to just focus on the current thoughts you have about the job. Human resources is really divided into six important areas and you need to be able to understand and relate to all of these areas to pass the test. The good thing is that re-focusing on your studies might open your eyes to places you could improve in your current job. It is a great way to get back in touch with theory so that you can study how you want to proceed.

Stay Calm

The worst part of any kind of certification exam is the terror you feel before you sit for the test. You can study with study guides, online programs or even various human resources courses in order to get ready. Run tests and go over the material you find confusing. The best way to stay calm is to make a study plan so the exam does not sneak up on you; cramming is not really an option.

The SPHR certification exam is not easy, but you will also find that you know more than you think you do. As you work you start to think of certain things as second nature and you don’t realize all you know based on the experience you have built up. While you do need to study, remember that you are not the student you were when you graduated, but rather a professional who has been through the ringer and come out the other side ready to perform.

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