PHR or SPHR certification

The Development of Human Resources

Human Resources has become an imperative part of any functioning corporation. By working within the system and getting your PHR or SPHR certification you can better set yourself up for a long and happy career. Whether you stay at one company the entire time or you move from place to place, you will learn things that make sense for the future of your career as well as the continued development of human resources. The certification and recertification process helps you constantly set goals and implement procedures that help your company and the employees.

The Exam Requirements

First and foremost you cannot sit for PHR or SPHR certification if you do not have two years of exempt-level (professional) human resources experience. The exam is not meant for those first out of college but rather for those working professionals who have had time to understand what being on the job means. The goal of the exam is to showcase your proficiency so that you can point to this certification as means to receive a raise or qualify you for upper level management positions within a human resources field. It can even help you move to a larger company.

The Exam Itself

Many people think of the PHR or SPHR certification exam as a type of boards just like you would take if you were a doctor or the bar if you were a lawyer. It is a test where you are given three hours to take 175 questions of multiple choice. There are things thrown in there to trick you and test how well you understand human resources theory. You have to be ready for the pressure and many people spend months studying. The test itself is only offered twice per year, each time in a two month window.

Preparing for the Exam

There are a number of ways to prepare for the PHR or SPHR certification exam. Most people prefer to run practice questions and test their ability to take the test. There are a number of preparation books and programs out there to help make this possible. You need to start early. The exam window tends to sneak up on people and it is not the type of exam you can just cram for. You are better off if you make a long-term study schedule so that you can stay on track and you don’t find yourself rushing at the end.

PHR or SPHR certification opens many new doors. Some human resource departments force all the employees to go through the process. It helps to give you a deeper understanding of all sides of what you are doing. It forces you to look at results and study other people’s solutions to complex problems. You will find that studying for the exam will help you see your current job differently and help you come up with more creative solutions to any workplace problems. All in all it makes you better at what you do.

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