PHR Certification requirements 2013

Every company needs to hire the best of candidates available in the market, helping its qualitative structuring and its positive growth. phr certification requirements 2013
Thus human resource management is the skill adopted for recruiting versatile candidates, managing them, maintaining track record and provides direction for employees to work in the organization.

What are the phr certification requirements in 2013?

With growing competition, updating yourself with the best principles of decision making can help an individual and the company for better growth patterns. Thus updating skills is very essential even for a human resource manager, which have been now on increasing demand by companies before hiring them.
Earning certification of a Professional in Human Recourses which is issued by Human resource certification institute proves one’s skills of having enough knowledge and proficiency, in handling work of large scales in any organization. PHR mainly checks the operational skills than that of strategic planning.

To earn the credentials for this certificate there are some basic eligibility criteria’s to be satisfied. To sit for this exam one should be able to provide their working experience with attested copies of documents for two years of professional work experience in human resource management in case with a bachelors degree, and four years work experience with less than a bachelors degree.

If one has done their masters then they should produce 1 year of professional HR experience. The exam is conducted biannually during the month of May and December. The exam is also conducted online thus making it easily reachable across the globe. The other individualistic requirements which make one fit to attend the exam are-

  • Individuals focus towards implementation of program
  • Is tactical in management of practical implementation of HRM
  • Good career length for a post of  senior level candidate
  • Strong basics, policy knowledge to make big decisions

Acquiring this certification involves, completion of a multiple choice examination which checks one’s  knowledge and expertise in all aspects of Human Resource certification body of knowledge, strategy planning of business, recruitment and work schedule planning, development of human resource, risk management and employee relationships and compensations.

The main benefits of this certification are

  • It shows how dedicated one is towards professional growth and education
  • It shows public recognition within and outside the organization
  • Interest in updating ones IQ on the latest developments in the field
  • Interest in a good career growth
  • Confidence boost having cleared a competitive exam


The exam lasts for about four hours resulting in success or complete dejection for n individual, even after years of experience in the particular field. The exam tests one’s knowledge on practical application as well as theoretical phenomenon’s involved in Human resource management.

Certification preparation courses teach the material to take up the exam, with formal preparation classes for many weeks. Thus before taking up the exam, an individual should put a lot of effort and devote the required time and attention for the preparation of the exam.

This exam increases job opportunities, grant better job opportunities and make you more confident and committed to your career.


  1. I am very interested in obtaining my PHR. I would like to get information about the price of certification and study materials needed.

  2. I would like to know how to study for the PHR exam and the materials to use?Also, when I am ready to take my exam, the cost associated and where to take the exam.


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