PHR certification in Chicago

Upgrading your knowledge and staying up to the mark with the moving pace of advancements in your field is extremely essential phr certification in chicagofor the career growth of an individual and also for that of the organization a human resource manager works for.
Any certification acknowledged by professional group grants recognition for having met a stated level of proficiency. Certified members gain a certificate which is widely acknowledged to gain respect and establish the skills gained in a particular field. Certification is different from its programs as it includes an experience component added to it. This means an external body with efficient members have conducted enough number of tests and challenges to prove one’s worth in the particular field.

Certification of a professional in human recourses certifies that the person has enough knowledge and proficiency pertaining to his field. Professional in human resource certifications thus helps to check the operational skills of an individual to that of his strategies.

But these certificates are quite general to all the countries of the world and thus are very vast and not detailed to pertain to any one specific country which has its own policies and documents.

Thus it became important for establishing a Department of Human Resource within the city which checks its effectiveness pertaining to the rules observed within the limits of the city. This was made to bridge the void gap due to lack of schools of Human Resource which thought laws related to that of Chicago. The key points included HR objectives, management, recruitment, orientation and revise of staff positions.


The department of human resources of Chicago has its own policies, which are managed and approved by all functionalities within the city, advising the city departments and its heads on HR issues; further ensuring a better hiring process.

Once Professional in Human resource and Senior Professional in human resource credentials are earned, one is allowed to take up exams like PHR-CA or SPHR-CA which focus on mandates particular to the state of California like information on employment laws, rules of employments; effect on employing companies; and the policies pertaining to ensure agreement with Human resource related laws for Chicago, which does not have to do with anything pertaining to PHR questions again.

People who pass this test have said to have mastered the proficiencies required to practice Human resource within California. This certification exam is divided into  four parts. Them being-

  • Pay roll and its benefits
  • Protection of labours interests pertaining to employees
  • Attendance maintenance and it compensation
  • Healthcare, safety measures and security of employees

To apply for Californian certificate one must already possess a PHR and SPHR certificate.

Human resources management association of Chicago wants to create an advanced platform in Chicago for betterment of workplace strategies and its leadership, protecting the will of employers and employees. This forum has a group of leaders, HR managers, executives who deliver workforce strategies for the organizations they belong. This provides high quality learning for the Human Resource managers by nurturing mutual interests enhancing business for the greater Chicago area. The CA body is updated time to time to ensure consistency with the ongoing practices in the world related to human resource management.

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