HR Certification Programs Explained

HR Certification Programs Explained

HR Certification, also known as Human Resources certification covers a vast area of expertise. There are quite a few programs HR certificationon the market that are available to you to choose from. When you are making your choice of a program, however, professionals and students should keep in mind that although all will come with a certificate, only a few carry value in the employment department.
Students who are looking for an entry level position in the field with an hourly wage may greatly benefit from the less strict HR Certification programs that are on the market today. These HR Certification programs can give the newbie the chance at getting their head in the door and showing that they can be seen as a likely future candidate for a lower skilled HR job.
Professionals who are looking to further their careers in the Human Resource field, you must look at what each of the HR Certification programs can offer you and what conditions you must meet according to the Society of Human Resources Management, also known as SHRM. Employers will go by what they consider proper to hire candidates.
The Society of Human Resources Management is the king of the industry and holds a partnership with The Human Resources Certification Institute, also known as, HRCI, in creating, following, and modifying the HR certification criteria for HR professionals looking to advance in their career.
The Human Resources Certification Institute has four HR Certification programs available to professionals looking to further their Human Resource careers:

  1. PHR: Professional in Human Resources
  2. SPHR: Senior Professional in Human Resources
  3. GPHR: Global Professional in Human Resources
  4. PHR-CA and the SPHR-CA: The PHR-CA and the SPHR-CA Certifications are for those practicing in the state of California.

All four of these HR Certification programs carry considerable weight within the HR job market. The main reason being that the HRCI mandates that you must be a salaried HR employee or exempt-level HR employee with certain experience along with already having passed the exam.
The HR Certification examination through HRCI includes 225 multiple choice questions. These questions cover a multitude of various topics in regards to basic HR knowledge. The HR Certification examination will take approximately four hours to complete.
There are other HR Certification programs available as well. WorldatWork is a respected and reputable global HR organization that specifically focuses on the compensation, benefits, work-life, and total rewards part of the HR field. These HR Certification programs let professionals in human resources achieve more qualification that is more related to their own HR career. These HR Certification programs can be advantageous to those in the HR management or specialty industry. These programs also complete the requisites for the HRCI and SHRM standards.
Anyone who has interest in continuing their education with an HR Certification have an array of options open to them. Choosing one of the programs is completely a personal choice dependent upon career experience, level and commitment to growth within the field.

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